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Doodle the cockerel appears at the kitchen window…

Doodle at the window

Doodle, the cockerel from next door, decided to put in rather a unique appearance the other evening, when he jumped onto the kitchen window and stared in… I couldn’t resist taking a photo before he jumped back down! He’s a bit of a character! This was taken through the window, pretty quickly, hence the blurring…

London from the terrace at the Houses of Parliament

gull on the Thames

I was invited to a meeting and lunch the Houses of Parliament. We were on the terrace, with a great view of the Thames and the London Eye. With a free seagull thrown in; he enjoyed lunch too! Taken with my “point and press camera” so not perfect, but a unique view of the Tames, which most people don’t get to admire!

Ever looked at something from a completely different angle?

eye of the cockerel

A close up of the eye of the tiger – er, sorry, Doodle the cockerel our next door neighbour … He quite enjoys posing, (being a rooster) and has featured on the blog previously!