The Yin and Yang Trees


From several years ago, but I still love these trees! We used to go past them on our country walks…

Letting Go

The practice of all the bodhisattvas is to let go of grasping.

When encountering things one finds pleasant or attractive,

Considering them to be like rainbows in the summer skies –

Beautiful in appearance, yet in truth devoid of any substance.


From “The 37 Practices of all the Bodhisattvas” by Gyalse Tokme Zangpo

Boats at Tregastel, Brittany, August 2021


Seeing the hay in the field opposite where we now live (1st photo), reminded me of when we lived in Surrey, and we used to help on the farm (2nd photo) …..

Le 14 juillet… Perros Guirec, Brittany.

Trestraou, Brittany, July 2021.

Forest Haiku, Palacret, Brittany, June 2021.


“All compounded things are like a dream, a phantom, a bubble, or a refection.

They are like dew or lightning. Thus should you view them”

The Diamond Sutra – The Compass of Zen – Zen Master Seung Sahn